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Top 20 Most Romantic Restaurants in NYC

romantic restaurant NYC

New York City is brimming with romantic and delectable dining experiences. Heck, even its nickname, The Big Apple, entices you to take a bite and fall in love! From waterfront restaurants in the serene setting of the Hudson Riverfront to rooftop restaurants with dazzling skyline views, each locale adds its own flavor to love. For you, we’ve rounded up a guide to some of New York City’s top romantic restaurants. Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot to celebrate an anniversary, enjoy an intimate date night, or discover the finest dining in Manhattan, we’ve got you covered.

Most Romantic Restaurants in NYC

Here are some of our top picks for some all-around excellent romantic restaurants in NYC. Each offers a unique blend of ambiance, cuisine, and that special touch of super awesomeness that the city is known for.

1.Ogliastro Pizza

Ogliastro Pizza in brooklyn

Imagine sipping espresso and sharing a Lemon Basil Panna Cotta or a rich Chocolate Mousse with your date in a candlelit, charming atrium. This could be your reality at Ogliastro, a romantic hotspot in Brooklyn. Known for its big patio populated with lovely flowers and plants, the restaurant also features a low-lit, cozy dining area that melds comfort with sophistication. 

Couples can indulge in elevated specialty pies, such as the Vongole e Gamberi, a delectable combination of chorizo, clams, shrimp, peppers, and crème fraiche. Wash it all down with one of their hand-crafted cocktails.

2. Panorama Room

Panorama Room NYC

For a date night among seafood lovers accompanied by stunning 360-degree views, head to the Panorama Room in the Graduate Hotel on Roosevelt Island. This elegant rooftop lounge, encased in glass walls, offers unrivaled city vistas and a chic, contemporary atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy a selection of seasonal and ocean-themed small plates, perfect for sharing. 

Their brunch is nothing to sneeze at, either, if you want to make it a morning outing. Whether you opt for an intimate dinner inside or soak in the sunset outdoors, the Panorama Room ensures an unforgettable evening under the city skyline.

3. City Vineyard

city vineyard nyc

City Vineyard offers a unique dining experience on the Hudson River, blending tranquil ambiance with live music and events. Enjoy an evening under the stars with outdoor seating, fine wines, and artisanal dishes. The picturesque river views and vibrant performances provide a perfect backdrop for a romantic date. 

After dining, extend the magic with Sea the City’s Hot Tub Boat Tours. Ideal for marking Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or just a special date night, these tours offer a one-of-a-kind perspective on New York Harbor’s iconic landmarks, enriching your waterfront adventure.

4. Rezdôra Rezdôra

Rezdôra Rezdôra nyc

You’ll find Rezdôra in the heart of the Flatiron district, serving as a delightful homage to pasta aficionados. This Michelin-starred establishment, led by Chef Stefano Secchi, who honed his skills at Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana, focuses on the rich culinary traditions of Emilia Romagna, with an emphasis on handcrafted pastas. 

In addition to its celebrated pasta offerings, Rezdôra also showcases a selection of fine Italian wines and artisanal desserts, perfectly complementing your dining experience. Consider losing yourself in the all-pasta tasting menu for an exquisite exploration of flavors and textures.

5. C as in Charlie

C as in Charlie nyc

At C as in Charlie in NoHo, the ambiance is both casual and heartfelt, a blend of Korean culinary traditions with American Southern flavors, reflecting the owners’ Atlanta heritage. The restaurant’s atmosphere, inspired by Southern hospitality and the Korean principle of Jeong, fosters a sense of warmth and community. 

Guests are welcomed with a complimentary shot of sake, setting the stage for a communal dining experience. Set the mood by sampling tasty dishes like Mushroom Bibimbap with hen of the woods and shimeji or Oxbone Cream Pasta with spaghetti and bacon. Come back for the “Seoul’sbury” Steak with gruyere grits and galbi jus. Mmm mmm!

Best Restaurants to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Anniversaries are milestones that deserve a special celebration. New York City doesn’t disappoint with a dizzying array of restaurants that not only promise exceptional dining experiences but also provide the perfect setting to commemorate your special day. Here are some top picks renowned for their romantic ambiance, privacy, and bespoke services.

6. Tamarind Tribeca

Tamarind Tribeca nyc

If you are a fan of Indian food, eating at Tamarind Tribeca will make you feel as if you’ve been magically transported to the vibrant streets of India. It’s all smoke and mirrors, though, and its opulent, spacious settings are set in the heart of Tribeca. 

Your anniversary celebration at Tamarind Tribeca allows you to explore rich, fragrant cuisine choices like the Tandoori specialty, the Masaledar Chop. The dish features lamb chops expertly marinated in yogurt and aromatic herbs, showcasing the kitchen’s ability to combine classic techniques with contemporary innovation. Enhance your dining experience with their unique mocktails, like the refreshing Cucumber Cooler or the exotic Aamras, adding a non-alcoholic twist to your celebration.

7. Tolo

Tolo nyc

For couples celebrating an anniversary and seeking an authentic culinary adventure, Tolo in the Lower East Side, Chinatown offers a delightful choice for a NYC anniversary dinner. This restaurant, situated amid a neighborhood known for its rich array of dim sum spots, unique shops, and vibrant markets, serves as an ideal backdrop for a special date. 

Tolo’s menu, a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary flavors, features dishes like delicate Little Rice Noodles with XO Sauce and the exquisitely balanced Sweet & Sour Crispy Fish. The intimate setting is enhanced by Tolo’s impressive wine list, boasting over 300 selections. It’s a wonderful place to toast to your relationship milestones.

8. One If By Land, Two If By Sea

One If By Land, Two If By Sea nyc

Considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in NYC is One If By Land, Two If By Sea. Situated in a historic 1767 carriage house in Greenwich Village, the dining establishment is renowned for being one of New York City’s best anniversary restaurants. 

With its candlelit tables, a cozy fireplace, and live piano music, this West Village gem exudes a romantic aura, perfect for any couple celebrating their anniversary or special event. The restaurant offers a classic American menu prepared by Chef Michael Pekrul and is particularly famous for its elegant prix fixe options, including a special Valentine’s Week Prix Fixe.

9. Naks

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

Want to try something completely different for your anniversary this year? Naks in the East Village provides a Filipino dining experience that embraces the traditional practice of eating with your hands. Praised by the New York Times, The Infatuation, and Bloomberg, Naks’ Kamayan Dinner is celebrated for its communal feast. 

Guests enjoy grilled meats, seafood, and aromatic vegetables served on tables adorned with banana leaves. Ideal for adventurous couples, it’s a hands-on, intimate experience that adds fun and delectable twists to your special evening. Choose from dishes like angus beef short rib skewers or opt for the full Kamayan tasting for a truly memorable culinary adventure.

10. Marea

Marea nyc

Perched on Central Park South, Marea stands out as a high-end Italian seafood and pasta restaurant, ranking it among the best restaurants to celebrate anniversary dates. This exquisite spot merges coastal Italian culinary artistry with the refined elegance of New York, offering a scenic setting that’s as memorable as it is sophisticated. 

Honored with the 2010 James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant and lauded with three stars from The New York Times, Marea’s menu, featuring standout dishes like the acclaimed Fusilli, sets the standard for upscale dining. Its reputation as a haven for celebrating special moments makes it a quintessential choice for those seeking to mark their anniversary in a notably lavish manner.

Top Date Night Restaurants in Manhattan

Manhattan stands at the heart of NYC’s romantic dining scene, offering a range of top date night spots. From upscale elegance to cozy intimacy, our selections showcase the best of Manhattan’s diverse dining. Each chosen venue promises a romantic setting, making your date night one to remember.

11. Le Rock

Le Rock nyc

Many native New Yorkers consider Le Rock one of the most romantic restaurants in Manhattan. Located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, it represents the allure of French dining. This swoon-worthy spot is perfect for a glamorous date night, offering the ultimate French culinary experience. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just for the thrill of it, a visit to this Art Deco-inspired restaurant in Rockefeller Center is sure to impress. 

With its sophisticated ambiance, an array of fine dishes, and a captivating dessert tower, all complemented by a flow of exquisite wine, Le Rock is a hotspot for those seeking to create a memorable evening.

12. Mēdüzā Mediterrania

Meduza Mediterrania nyc

In the Meatpacking District, Meduza Mediterrania combines Miami’s sleek hospitality with New York’s stylish ambiance, perfect for an anniversary celebration. The restaurant features a spacious, candlelit setting, where dishes like Blue Fin & Caviar and Grilled Branzino mirror the Mediterranean’s elegance. 

Creative cocktails such as “See You in Santorini” and “Lychee Rose” enhance the dining experience. Under Executive Chef James Atkinson, Meduza Mediterrania offers a modern approach to romance, making every meal a culinary artwork and every visit a memorable occasion.

13. Claud

Claud restaurant nyc

At Claud, the wine bar scene in NYC takes a sophisticated turn. Located in a bustling area, this Euro-centric spot has quickly become one of the city’s most sought-after reservations since its opening in 2022. More than just a wine bar, Claud offers a creative and sophisticated menu, featuring dishes like escargot croquettes and a half chicken in foie gras-infused jus. 

The addition of an expertly curated wine list, emphasizing small-batch and organic producers, further elevates the dining experience. Its relaxed yet elegant atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for an evening out. Here, good wine and conversation flow effortlessly, perfect for those who cherish the finer aspects of dining and drinking.

14. Le Pavillon

le pavillon restaurant nyc

In the heart of Midtown, Le Pavillon by Chef Daniel Boulud is a standout for its upscale French cuisine amid a lush, high-ceilinged setting with expansive city views. Emphasizing “Terre et Mer” (land and sea), its menu highlights seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, offering everything from seafood-centric dishes to vegetable-forward creations.

The dining experience is enhanced by an extensive wine selection, featuring over 650 predominantly French and American wines. Ideal for any occasion, Le Pavillon promises an elegant culinary journey.

15. Balzem

Balzem restaurant nyc

In a rustic, brick-walled setting, Balzem specializes in romantic Mediterranean dining experiences, ideal for couples. Known for its serene ambiance and outdoor seating, the restaurant serves favorites like Burger Balzem and appetizers such as Baba Ganoush with toasted pita. 

The menu also includes Grilled Brochettes of Chicken or Ribeye, served with dips and flatbread pizzas, featuring unique toppings like Mushroom and Truffle Oil or Artichoke & Prosciutto Di Parma. This cozy wine bar is a perfect spot for an intimate evening in the heart of the city.

Cozy Spots for Intimate Date Nights in NYC

In this section you’ll discover intimate restaurants in NYC that blend atmosphere with culinary adventure. From Kokomo’s Caribbean flair to The River Café’s elegance and Smoke Jazz & Supper Club’s lively vibe, these date night dinner restaurants promise unforgettable moments of romance and a good time in New York City.

16. Cosme

Cosme restaurant nyc

Located in the Flatiron District, Cosme stands out with its sleek and upscale atmosphere, perfect for a special, intimate date night. This restaurant serves a fusion of modern Mexican cuisine, featuring dishes like tlayuda with mushrooms, and a lobster prepared al pastor-style. The duck carnitas, a house specialty, is a must-try, ideal for sharing on a memorable evening.

The dim lighting and jet-black accents add to the intimate ambiance, making Cosme a great choice for those looking for a blend of sophistication and traditional Mexican flavors​​.

17. Gage & Tollner

Gage & Tollner historic restaurant NYC

If you are looking for cozy restaurants in NYC to spend some quality time, Gage & Tollner has you covered. G&T is a historic chophouse in Downtown Brooklyn, and it is a remarkable blend of bygone elegance and contemporary culinary artistry. This celebrated restaurant, known for its gaslight-era chandeliers and retro decor, has been a renowned name in Brooklyn for over 125 years. 

Its charm comes not only from the nostalgic ambiance but also from its menu that boasts a selection of steaks, chops, wines, and cocktails. The well-polished interior, coupled with warm hospitality, offers the perfect setting for a date night steeped in history and style.

18. Kokomo

kokomo restaurant in brooklyn

Kokomo in Williamsburg provides an immersive, multi-sensory dining experience that captivates guests through art, sophisticated architectural design, and its Caribbean-inspired cuisine. 

The menu at Kokomo showcases a delicious variety of flatbreads, high-quality meats, comforting starches, and lavish cocktails, all contributing to a uniquely enchanting and intimate dining atmosphere. This blend of culinary excellence and aesthetic appeal makes Kokomo an ideal spot for intimate conversations and getting to know each other better.

19. The River Café

The River Café NYC

The River Café, established in 1977, is a beacon of elegance and romance in the dining world. Set on the East River beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, it offers a Michelin-starred menu and requires formal attire, perfectly matching its breathtaking views. The ambiance is further enhanced by live piano music, stunning flower arrangements, and the impeccable service of white-jacketed waitstaff, making it a favored spot for romantic engagements. 

Signature dishes like pork belly with scallops and duck breast with sweet potato spätzle reflect the culinary excellence and unforgettable experience this venue provides.

20. Smoke Jazz & Supper Club

Smoke Jazz & Supper Club NYC

Smoke Jazz & Supper Club, a cozy venue situated on Broadway in New York City, offers a captivating experience for both music aficionados and culinary enthusiasts. Renowned for its clear sight lines and superior sound, the club hosts an array of jazz, blues, and Latin performances. The intimate ambiance is perfect for savoring live music while enjoying American culinary delights. 

Among the menu’s standouts is the Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye for two, a dish that’s sure to impress. The club’s blend of outstanding music, inviting atmosphere, and delectable dining makes it an ideal choice for a romantic evening in the city.

Set Sail with Sea the City on a Romance-Filled Hot Tub Boat Tour

Man and woman in hot tub in front of the statue of liberty

Treat you and your date to Sea the City’s Hot Tub Boat tour, where romance and relaxation meet unforgettable sightseeing. Glide past iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan’s skyline, all while soaking in the luxury of a hot tub. The BYOB option allows you to raise a glass to your love against the enchanting backdrop of New York. Ideal for couples aiming to forge lasting memories, this tour promises a uniquely intimate experience. Secure your spot online today for a romance-infused journey with Sea the City.